The Move

Moving house/flat/room/home

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Here I go again.

Packing up and moving on, back to London. Well, in a few days.

May personality may not seem like it, but I am a woman who can fill space.( I’m not just talking about my physique.) The last six years I have been living in shoe boxes, but my earthly possessions are somewhat Imeldific-footwear in quantity.

So far, I have managed to dispose of approximately 15 Kg of footwear and clothes, two desks, a mirror, a Kitchen Aid mixer that sounds like it belongs on train tracks, and a load of old files. Now, I still have ten boxes, a large luggage, a small luggage, two medium recyclable shopping bags, and a shopping trolley left, to fit into a van.

To be fair, the heaviest box (plastic.yup.) and large luggage (waterproof. haha!) are full of books.

I wish next time I’ll be moving into space where I fit.

But I think that’s like begging for a mortgage.

I need to think that wish through.

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