7 days and more in London

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So, over a week in London now.

Highlights so far?
Parliament Hill.

Beautiful view of Central London, just too many people on the weekends. If you can manage, visit midweek. It would be much quieter.

Someone had the fantasy of rolling me on the grass. I think over time I have been Stockholmed into that thought. However, I am a bit sensitive to weeds.  I break out in rashes. Who knows? Maybe a bit of Piriton for premedication, and some steroid cream on the ready I might do it.

I also found where to buy Cholula.

I first heard of Cholula from the 2013 Mexican film, Instructions Not Included (No se aceptan devoluciones). First tasted it in Mission Burrito last year. Been in love with that hot sauce since.

I am not much of a condiment girl. You serve me food, and I will eat it as it is, no added salt nor pepper. No sides. I respect food like that. Sometimes if a particular food started out in a particular shape, I try to keep that shape to the last bite.

Now, I need Cholula. I even put it in adobo. It’s not that hot for a hot sauce. Well, don’t really take my word for it. I have built up a bit of tolerance for spice.

I found Aroma Spice.

It’s just an Indian restaurant. Apparently, it’s been around for fifteen years.

I haven’t had proper Indian food in over a year.

Well, okay I had the odd microwaveable dinner from Sainsburys Local over at Headington in Oxford. But that didn’t count.

I nearly didn’t eat at this restaurant. It looked like a fancy place, table setting, wine glasses, not to mention the white table cloths. (Duh? Hampstead area.) I mean, Indian food was intended to be eaten with hands.

Anyway, I had poppadoms that were to die for, chicken tikka and naan that could make me cry, and chicken biryani that could make my eyes roll back into my sockets.

Finished it off with Kulfi.


I had brunch at the Hampstead Tea Rooms.

Quaint cafe. I feel it holds its own in a street lined with Starbucks and Le Petit Quotidien.

I had Eggs Florentine for breakfast as I missed having muffins. It had Spinach and poached eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce. Paired it with fresh orange juice.

Apparently, the owner’s wife makes the cakes. So I had a slice of the Victoria sponge too. This has been my go-to sweet tooth soother since I quit chocolate for Lent. The sponge was a bit dry. I did expect it because cakes that have not been iced tend to do that but it hit the right spot. I liked that the jam was a bit tangy.

I can’t wait for Lent to be over though. I want my chocolates. I will never leave my chocolates EVER again.

Will go into a chocolate coma tomorrow. Might write about it.


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