Mac P.’s New Outfit

My new Macbook Pro 13″ with Retina Display Hard Case

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I am a self- confessed Amazon Rat. I hang out in there as if physical shops actually stopped existing.

It’s not the healthiest habit to have when you earn just a decent enough living. But then, there are days when  I actually love it.

One of those days is today.

I finally picked up my new Macbook hard case from BELK in dark brown wood texture. (I use Amazon’s Pass My Parcel service). It also came with a keyboard cover.

Good thing it was a UK keyboard cover because I really was not aware of it. I tend to skim read plus I got distracted by the picture.

Anyway, my old hard cases have served me well. I bought the same type twice, but as you can see, bad things do happen to good things. I’m not a techie person. I call a lot of things “thingy majiggies.” And for all it’s worth, I do try to take good care of whatever tech and accessories I get my hands on.IMG_4268

Hopefully, this beauty of a hard case will last for a bit.

Frankly, the feel is a bit cheap but it is easy on the eyes. It can transform your Macbook into an interesting conversation piece. Although, it does remind me of a butcher’s chopping board in a Sweeney-Toddish-Ripper-Street kind of way. There are other styles available, but this one just screams wonderfully weird; So me!

And then, there’s the spongey bit at the bottom, too, which I am not very keen of. It looks like a neoprene cut out from someone’s old diving suit.


Nevertheless, I’m  enamored.

Here, stare at it some more for me. Such a gorgeous baby.

Belk Macbook Pro 13″ with Retina Display Case. Click here to take you to Amazon UK

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