Oliver’s Village Cafe

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When I think American pancake I think McDonald’s Pancake; light and fluffy (at least we did in the Philippines).

When you live here in the UK, those type of pancakes can be a bit precious. One can get good crepes, though. American pancakes? Not so much. I still have to find proper American pancakes in the six years I have been living here. I mean, sometimes they serve alright pancakes. Often they turn out rubbery.

I just woke up last Saturday and wanted “American” pancakes. Googled for American pancakes near me and had a list. This was the nearest at 0.4 miles from my place.

This pancake in Oliver’s Village was on the rubbery side. But it was interesting. I love the yogurt and the fruit. I like that somehow it seemed they put cinnamon in the batter. The fluffiness, rather the lack of it didn’t sit very well with me though. Or maybe they used a different flour. Or they just simply overmixed the batter.

For all it’s worth, the place had a nice ambiance. I love the decoupage tables and the craft-like pillows/stuffed toys. The neighborhood it was in did have that little village feel. No one can take that away from this area.  The staff was quite accommodating when I asked for butter. (I know there’s yogurt but… American pancakes!)

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 6

Nonetheless, I won’t be going back there for American pancakes. I might go and try something else more British.


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