Weeks Off

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So I have been incognito for several weeks.

What have I been up to?

Well, I started the gym.

It’s hard work!

I would like to consider myself a former athlete. My table tennis coach labeled me as sporty. I mean, aside from table tennis, I dabbled in Aikido, Tang Soo Do, and Swimming. During my pageant days ( a long, long time ago in a kingdom far far away), I used to workout to Cindy Crawford’s “Shape Your Body” DVD 6 times a week. I also ran. That was like fifteen years ago.

I tried to start running again four years ago, but I was too enthusiastic and challenged myself to a hill and ended up with plantar fasciitis. Anyway, that was that. I am nearing my forties, and I don’t want to start that with creaky bones and stiff muscles.

So far I have been able to go to the gym three times a week for the last month. (Yey me!) One trusty helper has been Fitbit. I have two. I use the Fitbit One for work because my job does not allow anything from elbows down. For everything else, I used my Fitbit Charge HR.

I also used the Fitbit App to log in my weight and my food. The only thing I seem to be neglecting is the hours of sleep though. I have been good with counting my calories. (Could be better, though.)

My other motivation has been my insurance. Well, I get points for staying active, and if I achieve certain points I get a weekly free cinema ticket to a film of my choice (watched Pirates of the Caribean for free and Paid £1.80 for 3D Wonder Woman), and I also get a weekly free Starbucks coffee (non-seasonal). When you add all that up, I’m basically getting paid to look after myself.

One pleasant surprise was when I discovered I could plank for one whole minute. I have only been doing 3 sets of 30-second planks coz that’s what people recommended you start with. One time I just pushed myself and managed a minute and then some. Not bad for an out-of-shape thirty-something woman.

So far I have lost 4 lbs. Not much, but it feels good to live healthily. Hopefully, I won’t burn out or get bored.

This is a video of me doing one, thirty-second plank at home. This is also right about the time I discovered I needed a yoga mat because planking can hurt your elbows. I didn’t want to risk ruining my wrists planking. Table Tennis is still my first love. Even before my first boyfriend.


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