219522_1748625795073_3302957_oFlipania is about the life and times of a Filipina who does not fit into the stereotype of a Filipina. One who does not even “look” Filipina coz she’s “too fair,” “too fleshy,” and “too opinionated.” Someone who does not even “sound” like a Filipina. Someone who does not even have a “Filipina name!” (How many Filipinas did since 1849?)

This blog is more for me; apparently, a non-Filipina Filipina to non-Filipinos. As for whether this blog is also for you? Frankly, I wouldn’t know. However, should you ever find yourself not belonging to the stereotype of a Filipina? Or even if you do, I hope this blog will save your sanity, as well as your faith in whatever goodness there is in the world. (For us, at least.) Safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.

N.B. This is a work in progress. Forgive the ever changing themes for now and just read what you like. Enjoy the pictures. Have fun.

It’s like seeing someone across the room, in a cafe, and trying to figure out if you’d like that person. No commitments, no profound judgment.

Have a “meh’ moment. Whatever.

Life’s too long not to look back. It’s too fast to blink. It stinks too bad that it’s no longer funny. So, you do you. I do me.