Author: Flipania

Oliver’s Village Cafe

When I think American pancake I think McDonald’s Pancake; light and fluffy (at least we did in the Philippines). When you live here in the UK, those type of pancakes can be a bit precious. One can get good crepes, though. American pancakes? Not so much. I still have to find proper American pancakes in

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You are not a friend. Dio thought to herself and wished she had said it to him. Each word seemed to form into fists beating upon her chest. Looking down, she hoped there would be some trace of what was causing  such a noxious sensation. There was nothing. He was not the only one, but

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7 days and more in London

So, over a week in London now. Highlights so far? Parliament Hill. Beautiful view of Central London, just too many people on the weekends. If you can manage, visit midweek. It would be much quieter. Someone had the fantasy of rolling me on the grass. I think over time I have been Stockholmed into that

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